Corgly Inu

About Corgly

Corgly is a non stop burning protocol.

The contract burns tokens per buy and sell, there will also be manual burns done through buy backs on the chart.

We will also have utility in the form of staking. Stake the native token $CORGLY to recieve BUSD rewards, the BUSD rewards pool will be funded through taxes with each buy and sell.


$CORGLY the corgie, cute and loveable Meme dog here to take over bsc. The team is here to take Corgly to new heights and will not stop until we achieve our goal!!

6% Buy Tax

1% Lp
1% Burn
1% BUSD Rewards Pool
2% Marketing
1% Dev

8% Sell Tax

1% Lp
1% Burn
1% BUSD Rewards Pool
4% Marketing
1% Dev

Token breakdown

Private sale : 22.05%
Presale : 45%
Liquidity : 27%
Remaining 5% - Held for future listings.


Softcap : 40BNB
Hardcap : 80BNB
1 BNB = 6 Million Tokens

Corgly InuTax Explained

Lp & Burn
The taxes used for Lp regeneration also acts as a burning, that 2% of every buy/sell will be used to buy the LP then BURN it.
Taxes for BUSD Pool will go towards our staking pool which goes live shortly after launch.
Marketing funds will be used for TG call channels and posts, Twitter posts , and YouTube promotional videos from crypto enthusiast accounts.
Dev Fee
The dev fee will be used to further development of the staking dapp and future utilities in the roadmap.

Corgly InuBUSD Staking

To reward the diamond handed smart investors, we will have a BUSD Staking pool, where you will be able to deposit your $Corgly to stake for BUSD.

There will be 3 Separate pools for $Corgly Staking which will reward BUSD.

Pool 1
No lock up period – Lower APY – 2% Deposit/withdrawal Fee
Pool 2
7 Day lock up period – Mid range APY – 1% Deposit/withdrawal fee
Pool 3
28 Day lock up period – Best rate APY – 0% Deposit/Withdrawal fee

Corgly InuHodlers VS Sellers